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How to make a noise insulation in the house

Sound insulation in our homes often leaves much to be desired. The easiest way to ensure peace and quiet, this is the installation of sound insulation in the apartment. It also does not hurt, and if the family grows musician or someone interested in "noisy" hobby, such as embossing.

How to make a noise insulation in the house

Instruction how to make the sound insulation in the building

Step 1:

Decide on what you need to mount the soundproofing walls. This is the wall facing the street, a wall adjacent to a neighboring apartment, the ceiling. Interior walls soundproof necessary.

Step 2:

Then decide the thickness of the sound-insulating layer. Usually it is 50mm. Before the frame assembly process the walls with antiseptic fluid to prevent mold. Spend the wiring prior to major works.

Step 3:

On the wall near the ceiling set the mark at a distance of 50 mm from the ceiling. Transfer label using gidrourovnya four walls. Connect all label lines.

Step 4:

Strictly on the lines, nail metal profile around the perimeter of the room. Fix the profile to the wall using dowels and punch. Set the horizontal profile in increments of 600 mm.

Step 5:

Horizontal metalloprofili additionally attach to the ceiling, universal hangers. Do not bend the ends of hangers. Between a horizontal profiles connect fastening system "crab".

Step 6:

All the time, monitor the level of the installation. Longitudinal and transverse frame elements must be in a strictly horizontal position. Perform installation screws frame with the name "bug".

Step 7:

In the resulting window frame insert plate acoustic material. The material cut to size by means of construction of the knife. Protruding edge of the universal hangers bend to hold the plate. A drill hole in the ceiling insulation plate (two plate). Attach the plastic mounting plate system "mushroom".

Step 8:

Put labels on a distance of 50 mm from the vertical wall in the longitudinal or transverse ceiling profile. Connect these lines mark. Using a plumb line on the transfer floor. According to the obtained lines metal profile secure the perimeter.

Step 9:

Fit the vertical frame rack. The corners should be double rack, connected to each other with screws. Mount the frame cross member. Connect the lateral and vertical profiles by means of fastening "crab".

Step 10:

Connection with the plane of the wall is performed using universal hangers. Insert the gaps between profiles soundproof plate and secure, similar to the ceiling mount. Sew frameworks sheetrock.