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How to make a roof of corrugated board

Currently very popular roof decking. This material has a high load-bearing capacity. Besides, he has a pretty high load-bearing capacity, which makes it possible to use it as a floor deck.

How to make a roof of corrugated board

Instruction how to make a roof of corrugated board

Step 1:

First you need to do the selection of roof sheeting. Its length should be longer than the length of the roof slope. In this case, do not be cross-joints, as well as improve the quality waterproof. Installation of the roof will not be so difficult. If the slope of the roof is longer than corrugated board, it is necessary to establish poryadnoy laying horizontally on the bottom row to the top. It is recommended to start with the lower-right corner. The following lists will cover each other. Joint trapezoidal sheet, which is located on the slope must be mounted overlapped. Overlap should be more than 200 millimeters. This is followed by the filling of bitumen sealant.

Step 2:

Between the insulation and roofing sheets must remain ventilated gap. Its height is typically 20-40 millimeters. It is necessary to double the number of fixtures to the corrugated roof joists in a five-foot area. Regardless of the complexity of the slope, the sheets must be laid parallel to the eaves, which is aligned horizontally. Do not forget the overhang at the eaves. Its size is generally about 40 millimeters. Several adjacent sheets need to fix one screw. Be careful not to damage the decorative and protective coating.

Step 3:

Proflist best interconnect extreme shelves using combined rivets. It is recommended to use a rivet with a diameter of 3.2 to 6.5 millimeters. Joining profiled steel decking combined rivets much easier if there is a manual gun-sided riveting. If you are a longitudinal splicing sheeting, it is necessary to narrow the extreme position the shelves overlap the wider shelf abutting the extreme profiles. To improve waterproofing properties of the roof should be in place to build the docking layer of silicone sealant.