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How to make a shelf for shoes

To shoes serve more than one season, and as suggested by its durability, it is necessary for the very good and, most importantly, proper care. Literate storage conditions significantly increase the life of your favorite shoes. Special shelves are used for storing shoes. However, it is not always possible to find exactly the one that fits you. The only way - is to try to make a shelf for shoes alone.

How to make a shelf for shoes

You will need:

- fiberboard; - Round pins; - Screws; - metal corner; - Screws and nuts; - Paint.

Instruction how to make a shelf for shoes

Step 1:

Before starting to work, remove measurements from the cabinet, where the shelf will be located, and if the supposed independent piece of furniture, from the place where the regiment will stand. Draw structural elements with exact dimensions, as well as the scheme of sequential assembly.

Step 2:

Prepare materials to work with them. Saw fiberboard on the desired number of plates that can be rectangular, square, triangular and even circular shape. Carefully treat the edges of its shelves using sandpaper or a special machine for grinding of flat surfaces.

Step 3:

Perform all measurements of the height of the length of its future shelves, then mark the drilling holes, which will be attached the details of your shelves with special parts. perform all the necessary holes in the shelf parts using a drill. Then, drill the same hole again, but on the back side, then carefully sand the edges of the holes to be confident in the strength of your future shoe racks.

Step 4:

With the help of bolts connect the shelf parts, fixing the edge of a specially prepared metal corners. If you want to be sure that your regiment will serve long and will not break at the first unpleasant circumstances, insure bolts and glue the joints. However, keep in mind that parse the shelf, without damaging its parts, you can hardly.

Step 5:

Once you have collected a shelf for shoes, cook the paint and color it using the short-haired roller. Incidentally, the ink entering the bore and promotes better bonding parts. After painting a shelf let dry and you can safely use it as long as you do not get tired of it.