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How to make a sliding wardrobe

No house can do without quality and comfortable furniture. It becomes an integral part thereof. Only here, depending on the size of the apartment you can use large spacious closets, or else look for other options for storage. A good alternative is a sliding wardrobe or closet.

How to make a sliding wardrobe

Instruction how to make a sliding wardrobe

Step 1:

Before you engage in manufacturing sliding wardrobe, it is necessary to determine the mechanism that will cause the entire structure to move. Going to the market of building materials, you will find many suggestions. To date, the most popular mechanisms on rollers and suspension parts. These two options are both good, so you can not worry about the quality.

Step 2:

Now we need to calculate the size of a sliding cabinet, leaving the necessary allowances for the installation of the chosen mechanism. For example, when buying roller systems you have to make wider the bottom of the cabinet. Thus shelves must remain a standard size. For convenience, you can advance to draw drawing future sliding cabinet, which will not let you get confused or lose.

Step 3:

After these preparations is to go to a furniture shop and order parts of the cabinet according to your size. Of course, you can try to do it yourself, but you must be confident in their abilities. In order to make a quality case, better to use DSP.

Step 4:

As soon as you have on hand will be all the necessary fastening parts, screws and other hardware, you can start assembly. To begin with all the edges of wooden elements that will be seen, it is necessary to paste over milominovoy edge. This is done only with the help of special glue, and iron, which have to go around the loop. Now all the side of the cut simple stationery knife and treat a skin (suitable №150 and №180).

Step 5:

The next step is to build itself sliding closet. Try to do all the work very carefully, do not forget about the quality of support systems, fittings and flanges. Perhaps some elements of the better set in advance. To install a sliding closet smoothly, the level of use. The final touch will be the installation of doors. Here it is necessary to be very precise, because you have to adjust the machine so that you can easily open or close the case. But with all the elements should be firmly secured in their seats.