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How to make a small room visually larger

Square meters of housing in metropolitan areas are quite expensive, so many young families have to buy small apartments. And the question "how to make a small room visually larger" often it occurs during the accomplishment of the acquired housing.

How to make a small room visually larger

You will need:

- bright paint or wallpaper; - Bright decorations (vase mat); - Glass table and bookcase.

Instruction how to make a small room visually larger

Step 1:

Apply a light wall paint to make the room visually larger. It is best to use a matte cool tones. Pearl-gray, light blue, barely noticeable shade of fuchsia - these are the colors that will make a small room visually more spacious.

Step 2:

If the wallpaper for the walls are used instead of paint - buy rolls with dim small figure. And best of all - select plain. If there is a problem "lift" ceiling, choose a wallpaper with vertical stripes. The finer they are, the more "air", Open, able to create space in the room.

Step 3:

Plinth in color of the walls - one more secret design for the visual increase the space of a small room.

Step 4:

Do not buy bulky chandelier. If the room is less than 10 square meters - use multi-level lighting. Mount the ceiling LED strip on the perimeter, on the walls hang a sconce. Lack center of the room, "the oppressive" large chandeliers, makes the space visually larger.

Step 5:

Glass furniture is better than any other for a small room. It is best to purchase a table and a bookcase made of glass. Typically, these home furnishings seem to be most cumbersome, if made of wood or metal. If the room is going to live or occasionally visit the child - instead of using glass furniture home furnishings of high-impact plastic with a transparent protective film. Then the room will not only be great visually, but also safe.

Step 6:

Bright mat small, vase, panels divert attention from the size of the room. The room is smaller than 10 m is best to make one color accent. If the area of ​​her more - two.