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How to make a well

Well in the courtyard - this is very convenient and just an indispensable thing. I wish that he also was the decoration of the yard, taking into account all the features of a given area. Help landscaper can in this matter, but not everyone has the opportunity to use its services. In this case, all you can do yourself.

How to make a well

You will need:

- planed boards; - Wooden logs with a diameter of 10-15 cm; - ceramic tile; - Color paint brush, paint on wood; - Ornamental plants; - Polished pebbles.

Instruction how to issue a well

Step 1:

Option 1 Usually well do mine and build it for a few meters up. To well served longer, it obbivayut planed boards, but they can be nicely folded and thoughtful design that will last for many years. With the help of paints and brushes can be arranged wooden boards on any taste, and then fix the picture varnish. Such clearance will be very original and quite durable.

Step 2:

Option 2 for the wells would be appropriate to make a small gazebo, which will serve him and the house. If the gazebo is made of wood, it is very well possible to arrange small logs with a diameter of 10-15 cm, folded on top of each other. This design will suit near a small house, or more to the rustic style.

Step 3:

Option 3 is often in places where water shoots out of the ground, grow moisture-loving trees, such as willow. Over time, it will be very nice when the branch is already a mature tree will hang down and give cool shelter well, and those who come to him for the spring water. Around you can arrange a place decorative flowers.

Step 4:

Option 4 Surface of the well can also decorate the polished pebbles of different colors. Thus, you can put different pictures, ornaments or simply color transitions that will please the eye.