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How to make an arbor

Garden furniture, located near her house, will be a highlight of your landscape design. If it's nice and stylish draw, it will be possible to organize a tea party and a break from work in the beds.

How to make an arbor

Instruction how to decorate the gazebo

Step 1:

It looks nice gazebo decorated with flowering plants. Learn which annual and perennial flowers, vines can grow well in your area. When planting the plants follow a certain principle, and large shrubs Plant close to the walls of the gazebo, the lowest flowers should be in the foreground. Three rows of plants will be enough to create a lush, colorful décor.

Step 2:

Stone gazebo on the north side garnish with moss, criss-crossing it hops or Amur grape. Naveyte plant shoots to the wire with a vinyl coating, it will be invisible and will not damage the stems. This will create a unique atmosphere of wild and abandoned areas. You can use both types of cultural grapes, which then will bear fruit.

Step 3:

Do not forget the curly curly plants, they will decorate the arbor and create the unique microclimate and pleasant shade. Note the decorative pumpkin, she is very beautiful flowers in summer and autumn leaves. You can also use lagenariyu, the fruits of which are edible. To support vines and ivy purchase a special mesh and grids. In addition, they perform a decorative role. The support should be in harmony with the style of the rest of the interior of the gazebo.

Step 4:

Try not to be surrounded on all sides by the gazebo lawn, too much open space creates comfort. On the one hand you have to be flowers, shrubs or trees. Put a stone tiled path leading directly to the entrance of the arbor, and on each side of the path break the lawn.

Step 5:

Consider the choice of furniture that will stand in the gazebo. It can be a table, chairs, rocking chair and chairs made in the same style. Instead, you can use the chairs or benches small sofas. Your selected furniture should be well endure changes in temperature and high humidity, well-laundered.

Step 6:

Consider the source of light, it can be small lamps or lanterns. If the gazebo high walls, you can hang a picture or put a ceramic tile mural. In the corners put a high vase. To keep your garden furniture reminiscent of a hunting lodge, hang on the wall and horn imitation animal skins.