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How to make an artificial fireplace

On a cold winter evening, it happens, I want to sit by the fireplace, look at the fire, dreaming. But not everyone has that opportunity. Building a fireplace is very complicated and expensive pleasure, almost impossible in a city apartment. Here and may come to the aid of a decorative fireplace.

How to make an artificial fireplace

Instruction how to make artificial fireplace

Step 1:

• Make plasterboard box width 130cm, height 120cm, depth 30cm. not to do the back and bottom walls. Plasterboard cut with a hacksaw or a sharp knife. Details glue mounting glue together. Cut on the front of the box fire box opening, the form that you prefer.

Step 2:

• Glue one more box width 120 cm, height 110cm, depth 30cm. Connect the ducts between them, so as to obtain the rear wall of the fireplace, glue mounting glue. The inside of the chimney is better to paste over wallpaper with a picture "under a brick", or paint white latex paint.

Step 3:

• Collect plasterboard foundation for the future of the fireplace, 150cm width, 20cm in height, 40cm in width. Set the foundation of the wall, for structural strength glue it to the floor.

Step 4:

• Grease the base of the fireplace with glue and press it firmly to the foundation. Attach the top, cut out drywall mantel, size 150cm / 40cm.

Step 5:

• Measure the distance from the mantelpiece to the ceiling, it would be the height of the chimney. The base of the chimney make 15cm / 80cm. Be sure to affix the chimney to the fireplace and the wall along the entire height, otherwise the structure could collapse.

Step 6:

• Take a decorative ceiling moldings. Obkleyte they fire box opening and the base at the mantelpiece. The base of the mantel is better to paste over steps, plinths of varying width, to get a smooth transition. Inside the fire place an electric lamp that simulates a burning fire. Ready fireplace can be painted with latex paint, paste over wallpaper with a picture "under a brick" or "under the tile" can be pasted foam tiles. On the mantel can be placed candlesticks, figurines. The wall, which is located near the fireplace, decorate so as to fit the fireplace in style. How to tell your imagination.