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How to make children mat

At the corner of the sports equipment for the baby mat is a must, as it reduces the risk of injury. Mat for the home children's sports corner, you can make yourself.

How to make children mat

You will need:

- thick sheets of foam; - Material for the cover.

Instruction how to make children's mat

Step 1:

Vykroyte rectangles of foam required size. Baby mats are usually the following dimensions: 1 × 1 × 0.05 m, 1 × 1 m × 0.08 1 × 1 × 0.1 meters. This is the recommended size. You can adjust them as you need them.

Step 2:

Buy the material for the cover. Earlier cases were made of canvas or leatherette. These materials are not suitable as quickly torn, dirty. Modern industry produces various synthetic materials. They are very practical, elegant, durable: it kaprovinil, special synthetic leather on the basis of kapron. The main requirements to boot - the material from which it is made easy to clean, sanitize and does not cause allergies in the child. Once you make a mat for children's sports corner, buy a bright material, possibly even with a pattern.

Step 3:

Make a pattern. Measure your foam sheet. For example, a rectangle of 100x100 cm. From 2 material carve out a rectangle the size of 104h104 cm. The rectangle to cover necessary to carve out more, taking into account the seam allowance.

Step 4:

Measure all four sides of your mat and fold them. Carve out a long strip, making allowance for the joints to 2 cm at the top and bottom. This strip is first sewn to one rectangle, then to another, but only sew three sides. The fourth side of one of the rectangles are not sutured, since it is necessary to insert the zipper, in the future, cover can be removed and cleaned.

Step 5:

To mate was more convenient to carry, on the sides make a handle. Think what the length and width you need them. Let's say you need a handle length 25 cm 6 cm. To carve out a rectangle of 25h12 cm. Width of a rectangle and fold in half prostrochite (I can be on all four sides). Just take a second handle. Then sew the handle to the side (opposite) sides. To a child it was more interesting to do, the mat can be decorated with applique.