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How to make mortar for whitewash

Despite the abundance of options for finishing the ceiling, the most practical and widespread remains whitewash. One of the arguments in its favor is that whitewash - it is an inexpensive way to refresh the repairs in the apartment, available for self-fulfillment. The secret of success - to prepare the mortar correctly.

How to make mortar for whitewash


Mortar with the addition of soap

Bar soap must be crushed into chips, pour boiling water and stir thoroughly until completely dissolved. After complete cooling in the soapy water is introduced 2 tbsp. l. lime.

Parallel to this, you can begin to quicklime. This process is carried out using water in strict compliance with the proportions described in the instructions on the package. Typically, for solution for whitewash the ceiling takes about 2 kg of lime to dissolve in 5 liters of water.

Adding to the resulting structure of the cooled soap solution should be thoroughly mix all ingredients and pour the water so as to completely fill the 10-liter bucket.

Mortar with the addition of salt

Another common and easy recipe whitewash - mortar with the addition of common salt. To cook 1.5 kg of slaked lime divorced in 4 liters of water.

Parallel to this, in another capacity necessary to prepare the brine, spreading about 5 tablespoons per liter of boiling water. l. product. After full cooling of the composition is added to the lime and supplemented with water to the desired thickness.

Prior to application to the surface

Regardless on what recipe is prepared mortar, before application to the surface of the filter is necessary. For this purpose, the composition is passed through several layers of cheesecloth.

If applied by brush on the surface there are traces of the pile, so the consistency is too thick. Can remedy the situation by adding the required amount of water.

If desired, the mortar can be supplemented with a variety of pigments - peroxide, chromium, ultramarine and manganese. On a bucket of whitewash enough 300 g colorants.