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How to make room apartment

The largest room in the apartment, as a rule, is given under the room - common room. Yet it is called a living - as someone familiar. Hall deemed apartments, its center. Here you can gather all family members to communicate with relatives, friends, colleagues. Often the room becomes a dining room and a place for favorite activities and mini-cinema. How to make room for it to be comfortable in all of its functions?

How to make room apartment

Instruction how to make room apartment

Step 1:

Convenience, comfort, beauty and competent zoning - important principles of interior design of the hall. Furniture for the room selected on the basis of its existing functions and everyday family structure. The general rule is: the more actively engaged environment element, the easier and freer to be a passage to nemu.Esli family meal - one of the most important and cherished traditions of the family, the dining table can become the center and the main decoration of the living room. If the family often gathers in the hall for rest, conversations, discussions, close to all those watching television, the more urgent for the hosts thoughtful design of spatial composition with coffee table, sofa and armchairs.

Step 2:

If the room - a place for individual lessons favorite craft, it is important to consider how to fit the working area in the room. This may be a corner next to the bookcase, which put a desk, a secretary or a special table-cupboard for needlework and sewing.

Step 3:

The aesthetics of the living room, of course, "generates" light. It should be common (chandelier with frosted shades, classic lampshade or flat ceiling) and local - my (table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps) for each zone. Having several different fixtures, you can manipulate the illumination depending on the needs in the creation of the necessary conditions.

Step 4:

In the common room there is another feature: this is where design solutions can represent the interests of the members of the family, their hobbies - Crafts, Collectibles, Photo Art, sports, reading. This means that you can decorate the room not only the purchase paintings and tapestries and beautiful décor own work, successful children's drawings, memorable amateur photos, various prizes.