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How to make shelves for clothes from vegetable crates

Fruit boxes for some time are very popular and are used in the interior. Create a section with shelves of fruit boxes is quite simple.

How to make shelves for clothes from vegetable crates

You will need:

- Fruit crates - Sandpaper - Stain - Lak - Thick Felt - dowels and suitable screws - Screwdriver or screwdriver - Gloves for work

Instruction how to make shelves for clothes from vegetable crates

Step 1:

First check not protrude inside the box nails that can damage the hands at work. To prepare the boxes for painting - remove burrs and roughness. To do this, carefully grind with sandpaper - first coarse, then - fine. For convenience in grinding, sandpaper, wrap a piece of wood. It is possible to treat the surface grinder and if crates are strong enough.

Step 2:

I recommend to treat the surface of the antifungal agent, because often, on the boxes out of the fruit and vegetables produced mold, and it is not always possible to see. After that, we begin to paint. You can cover the wood stain and varnish in a single layer (it will be enough). Also, use resistant paint, water-based (latex paint ordinary paint can not be - clothes will get dirty).

Step 3:

In order to protect the floor from scratches, okleyte felt the bottom drawer on the back side. Thus they will easily slide on the floor. If you are on the floor carpeting - fasten the wheels to the boxes.

Step 4:

Make pencil marks on the wall using a level. Self-tapping screws fasten the boxes on the wall, given that between the boxes are small gaps of 3-4 cm.

Step 5:

Add accessories for decoration.