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How to make the apartment warmer in the offseason

Start the heating season communal tradition retard as long as possible. But that is no reason to freeze in the offseason. Move the first autumn chill to help some tips on how to hold the heat in the apartment and make the room a little warmer.

How to make the apartment warmer in the offseason

You will need:

Sponge, cotton, cloth, tape, or paper with paste, modeling clay, putty

Instruction how to make the apartment warmer in the offseason

Step 1:

Eliminate gaps in the windows. Score all the cracks with cotton or sponge, seal joints and cracks with tape. You can close up the biggest gap ordinary clay.

Step 2:

Close the window. Between window frames, you can put the sponge, wool or pieces of cloth. They slow down the passage of the cold in the apartment and detained the heat.

Step 3:

Seal the slit of window putty - is the best solution. You can make the putty himself - it's even better shopping. To make the putty, mix the plaster and chalk in a ratio of 2: 1. Pour a mixture of a little water, knead. It remains to apply the putty on the window frame with a spatula. Excess putty can be removed with a wet cloth.