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How to make the ceiling in a wooden house

In any wooden house there is a certain climate, due to the exchange of wooden surfaces wet vapor, fumes vegetable resins. Therefore, in a wooden house a special importance is given to ventilation, which is a part of the ceiling of the house. Since the ceiling in the building does not usually carries special mechanical loads, other than its own weight, it can be made from virtually any decorative material.

How to make the ceiling in a wooden house

You will need:

Strap Size 20 * 100 mm, the level of self-tapping screws, wall paneling, thick monofilament

Instruction how to make the ceiling in a wooden house

Step 1:

To begin with wooden ceiling installation the first thing fabricate crate, using strips of 20 * 100 mm. At the edges and in the middle of the ceiling plane pull a thick line and mark the point of tension through the water level.

Step 2:

Fasten furring strips on the stretched fishing line, not bending the them.

Step 3:

If you trim the ceiling is standard along or across the room plane fasten furring strips perpendicular to the attachment of the floor boards. If we realize the finish at an angle of 45 degrees to the plane of the space, secure straps crate around the perimeter.

Step 4:

By having to put in places of attachment brackets to the joists segments size of boards needed for the smooth planks ideal location and a common plane.

Step 5:

The whole process of fixing to the ceiling lathing monitor the building level, in order to avoid gaps and irregularities crates.

Step 6:

Once completed the strengthening of furring, begin finishing the installation of boards to the ceiling lathing. This may be a lining or an imitation of timber.

Step 7:

Fixing is carried out using self-tapping screws. In order to hide the screws in the finished ceiling, attach them to the lining groove.