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How to make the most concrete ring

To set the country well or septic tank, it is necessary to have a concrete ring. They are strong and durable, it is convenient to install. Those home master, whose hands are not placed elbows forward, may begin production of concrete rings themselves.

How to make the most concrete ring

You will need:

- cement, gravel, sand, gravel, water; - Wooden boards 20-50 mm thick, roofing sheets, plywood; - Steel rods Ø 8-10 mm or a steel reinforcing wire Ø 6-8 mm; - machine oil; - Metal pin Ø 10-20 mm.

Instruction how to make a concrete ring

Step 1:

Construct wooden formwork of the outer and inner cylindrical surfaces. For this Put together two wooden rings to the outer cylinder assembly, and two rings - for the inner cylinder. Boca forms can be produced both of the boards and of the roofing sheet, plywood, etc. Formwork make collapsible consisting of several parts. Fasten the wall forms with wooden slats. The diameters of the cylinders are interconnected, with outer Ø 1000 mm and the inner Ø 900 mm thickness obtain concrete rings 100 mm. For w / w rings enough thickness of 50 mm.

Wooden shuttering for concrete septic tank

Step 2:

Apply engine oil to the mortar facing surface of the cylinders to facilitate their removal. The cylinder of larger diameter, set on a wooden panel and secure. Strictly in the center of the outer cylinder, insert the inner cylinder.

Step 3:

Enter the ears of the reinforcing wire (for the production of concrete rings) or a reinforcement cage (w / w rings) into the gap between the cylinder walls. To hold the valve in position 4 post wedge.

Step 4:

Prepare mortar consisting of cement (1 part), sand (2.3 parts), gravel, crushed stone or blast furnace slag (4.5 parts). Take as an astringent fresh cement grade not less than "400". Good astringent properties has bezdobavochny Portland cement or mineral supplements. It contains up to 5% of magnesium oxide and up to 8% tricalcium aluminate. Most often used types of cement and M500D0 M400D0.

Step 5:

Use as a filler stripped of impurities, natural and enriched quartz sand, which the module size varies between 2.0-2.2 mm. The largest size of coarse aggregate must not exceed 20 mm. So, for the production of concrete rings knead concrete from small and large fillers - sand, gravel and crushed stone, binder - cement and water.

Step 6:

Place the prepared grout into the gap between the cylinders to a height not more than 100 mm, metal pin carefully reseal it. Move the wedges to a height of 150-200 mm, to fill with concrete and sealed their place of residence. weaning method fill the entire form. After 4 days, the resulting release of formwork concrete ring.

Step 7:

Leave the ring on a wooden board more days at 4, periodically spraying it with water. This will give greater strength concrete. Remove from the surface of the concrete ring lube. Production of concrete ring is completed.

Production of concrete rings with their own hands is completed