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How to make the most of oil paints

Oil paint - it is the main material for the oil painting. And if today, almost all prefer to buy ready-made kits in the past to produce oil paints for himself every artist had to himself. The compositions and mixing reasoned the secrets that largely look like paintings of various artists after drying.

How to make the most of oil paints

You will need:

Pigments, solvent, oil, paint, ceramic or glass vessels for mixing

Instruction how to make the most of oil paints

Step 1:

Utensils for mixing paints should not be metallic because many pigments are chemically active, they react with the metal surface. For mixing, select the capacity of chemically neutral material. The same applies to the sticks, which paint will be stirred.

Step 2:

In order to bind the pigment in oil paint, oil is required. The following types of it: flaxseed, walnut, poppy or sesame. Very rare and in particular to use sunflower or olive oil. Also useful solvents - volatile liquid capable of dissolving the plant-derived resin.

Step 3:

Colorant or pigment causes the finished oil color paint. Oil and solvent evaporate, harden, and the paint dries. The pigments affect the ability of solvents to dry up, so different paints dry at different rates. To control this process, requires different oils having a different drying speed.

Step 4:

To make oil-based paints themselves need to take the pigment used for ink of a specific color and add the oils and solvents. For pigments used various substances, among which are toxic. Natural pigments are very rare and expensive, they are often replaced with the most similar or synthesized. Before mixing oil paints, the pigment should determine the proportions of solvent and oil.

Step 5:

Various artists when writing paintings are willing to get their own effects, so add special substances in the paint. For example, beeswax helps to ensure that the paint dries not stratified on the dry and the wet layer and becomes more elastic. Another wax gives a matt paint. Resins allow us to make the surface paint layer more smooth and glossy, and the paint itself becomes harder. Turpentine, well purified kerosene and liquefied varnish paint, but dries quickly.