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How to make the most semi-automatic welding

Many people want to make their own hands a good semi-automatic welding, which would have had a good performance, he served for a long time and well-functioning. In fact, things are not as bad as it first seems. The main thing to know the principle of work and have patience.

How to make the most semi-automatic welding

Instruction how to make the most semi-automatic welding

Step 1:

Decide on the type and capacity of the transformer to be installed in the welding machine. Remember that if you use wire of 0.8 mm in diameter, the current is 160 Amps. Consequently, the transformer capacity will be in excess of 3000 watts. Select the type of transformer. The best option is the one that is wound on a toroidal core. It has a lower weight, compared with U-shaped and W-shaped transformers.

Step 2:

Decide on the type of current regulation. There are two ways: by the primary and secondary windings. Regulation of the first method requires connection of the thyristor control circuit and has some disadvantages that are eliminated switching relays and other switching elements.

Step 3:

Regulation on the second coil also has an increased voltage ripple by using a thyristor circuit. Apply the switching circuit, but this would increase the structural mass and increased cost. It is better to stop for a regulation on the primary winding.

How to make the most semi-automatic welding

Step 4:

Set in the food chain (secondary winding) smoothing choke and a capacitor having an increased capacity of 50,000 uF. This will smooth out the ripple voltage, no matter what scheme you have chosen.

Step 5:

Select gearbox for wire feed for this, take the gear unit from the VAZ car wiper water supply valve on the rear window can be taken from the same machine, using it in the welding machine as the gas valve.

Step 6:

Now assemble the welding machine circuit, gather all in one package, and test the unit. Press the button on the control - must first go carbon dioxide. After 1-3 seconds will turn on the current and wire feed will. Release the button, and the current with wire will disappear after a few seconds and turn off the gas supply.

How to make the most semi-automatic welding