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How to measure the humidity in the room

The question of determining the air humidity should be concerned not only physicists and meteorologists, but also ordinary people, especially if most of the people of the day spent in the room. After all, too high humidity adversely affects the health. That is why the humidity must be constantly measured and monitored.

How to measure the humidity in the room

Instruction how to measure the humidity in the room

Step 1:

GigrometrPrintsip action of this device is to determine the influence of moisture content on a special fabric. For example, the hair hygrometer uses hair feature - length change under the influence of moisture. There is also another kind of hygrometer, which uses an organic film. However, it is worth remembering that these devices are less accurate compared to the psychrometers. But in the winter season hygrometer - is the main instrument by which to obtain accurate data on atmospheric humidity. In addition, there are several types of such devices: condensing, ceramic, weight, electrolyte.

Step 2:

Psychrometer Using this device, you will get the most accurate result (hygrometer deviation - about 5%). Psychrometer consists of two parts - a wet and dry thermosensor. Humidity one sensor is achieved by the fact that it is in a wet cotton cloth. With evaporates and thereby cools the thermometer moisture over time. Simultaneously, the other sensor measures the exact temperature in the room. As a result, the data is transmitted in a special microprocessor which determines the exact air humidity.

Step 3:

However, it happens that such devices at hand simply does not. In this case, you can only get an approximate value of humidity by the following method. Pouring cold water in a small cup, put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours (the water should be cooled to 3-5 degrees). Then place the glass in the room in which it is necessary to measure the moisture content (remember that it should be as far away from heating appliances). During the next 5 minutes carefully observe the surface of the glass: - When on the walls of glass formed rivulets, it indicates a high humidity in the room; - If the surface is misted left, the normal indoor humidity; - If the walls are dried after 5 minutes, this means that the indoor air is too dry.