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How to measure the length

Situations where you need to measure the length of something, there is a constant. The school in mathematics lessons require students to measure the length of the segment, an adult often is necessary to measure the portion of the length of the product. To correctly measure the length, you must know how to use measuring devices.

How to measure the length

You will need:

Measuring instruments: ruler, measuring tape, tape measure, compass, calipers, surveying compasses

Instruction how to measure length

Step 1:

If necessary, measure the length of the rectangle drawn on paper or just a segment is most convenient to use a ruler. Apply a mark "0" to the top of the measuring section. Look, with what division on the ruler aligns the final point of the segment.

Step 2:

The length of the interval can be measured and compasses. Place the compass needle to the starting point of the segment. Spread the leg of a compass for a distance approximately equal to the size of the segment. Then carefully align the second leg of the compass to the end point. Measure the distance between the line of the legs of a compass, aligning one of them with the zero mark.

Step 3:

To measure the length of the volume parts or recesses in it, use a caliper. Firmly hold the item calipers teeth and see the result. In order to measure the length of the recesses, are inserted into the caliper tine recesses.

Step 4:

Measure the length of the suburban area is most convenient with the help of surveying compasses. It can be made with your own hands. Take two long and one short stick. Long stick sharpen one end. Lay the compass on the surface and align the ends are not tapered and the tip to dissolve right away to you - for example, 2 meters. Then firmly fasten to each other are not tapered ends. For rigidity at a distance of approximately 1/3 of the length of the nail to the two legs of the compass cross bar.

Step 5:

Place one leg of a compass in the intersection point of the length and width of the plot. A second leg to slide to the ground. Turn the compass to the support was the second leg, and the first move forward. Walk this way for the entire length of the site, considering how many times you move the compass.