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How to mount the glass shelf

Glass shelves in a modern interior took a strong position. Articles made of glass create a feeling of weightlessness, lightness and freedom, giving the dwelling sparkle and brilliance. The glass surface is not afraid of water, easily freed from dust and, despite the fragility of freely withstand heavy loads.

How to mount the glass shelf

You will need:

- glass surface; - A set of accessories; - Brackets; - building level; - electric drill.

Instruction how to mount the glass shelf

Step 1:

Such complex structures made of glass, like stairs, ceiling panels or kitchen aprons, should be installed by a qualified specialist. But glass shelves are products which can carry out installation yourself.

Step 2:

The disassembled glass shelf is a glass surface with holes, brackets and set of accessories. Bracket L-shaped has a perpendicular surface. One serves for attachment to the shelf, and the other - for its mounting on the wall.

Step 3:

At the beginning of works on installation of shelves attach the bracket to the holes in the glass surface. The holes on the glass and on the bracket must be absolutely the same. From a set of hardware Take the screws countersunk caps and corresponding nuts. With these bolts fasten the bracket and rack by tightening the screws all the way, but not too much. This will avoid excessive load on the glass of compression.

Step 4:

After installing the brackets enclose the entire structure to the surface of the wall in the place in the room where you want to see the glass shelf. Set it exactly horizontally using a spirit level, laid on a glass shelf.

Step 5:

Building put down the pencil marks for future fixtures. Take an electric drill and drill bit set on it the same diameter as that of fasteners. Marker mark on the drill fixture length, clasped them together. On the wall at the marked points drill holes for anchors.

Step 6:

Insert the fasteners into the holes and tighten the fixation screw. Each hole should be stuck on the threaded rod of 5-10 mm in length. Put on the shelf bracket holes on the hinges and lock nut until it stops.

Step 7:

At the ends of the fasteners attach decorative covers. Depending on the type of fasteners, shelf can be mounted on the wall using standard screws or anchors with plastic plugs.