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How to mount the podium

The podium is a raised part of the floor, but unlike simple steps has a large area. It is possible to have an overall furniture and even kitchen or bedroom. Decorative podium will allow to bring a unique new look housing, technical - disguise constructions and communications.

How to mount the podium

You will need:

- a hammer; - Nails; - Screwdriver; - Screws; - Building a pencil; - Wooden beams; - Plywood; - A sound-absorbing material; - Linoleum or carpet.

Instruction how to mount the podium

Step 1:

Determining the height of a technical podium, guided by the slope of the pipe, the diameter and the distance to the entrance to the sewers. It should do, the higher the farther the equipment. With each running meter produce an increase of 4 - 5 cm.

Step 2:

For example, if you have installed sewer pipe Ø 5 cm, and the design will be located at a distance of 4 meters from it, drop must be at least 20 cm. Hiding water pipes laid before without bias and with a much smaller cross section can set the height of your own, as you like.

Step 3:

Arranging the podium to half a meter in height, you can use the area underneath for storage of various items. To do this, place the inside of the boxes with retractable butt or horizontal wardrobes. Obbeyte design soft carpet and get the original sofa, also it is possible to organize a berth.

Step 4:

The apartment is recommended to install brick podium, which is characterized by ease and reliability. In the place where it will be constructed, remove the old flooring and only then proceed to the construction of the frame.

Step 5:

Fabricate it from the wooden beams. At an angle of 90 degrees, set the logs, fixing them with nails. Their cross-section must be equal to the lift height at the installation stage of 40 cm.

Step 6:

When the frame is ready, obsheyte his material. For these purposes fit plywood, drywall and even the rough board. Saw selected material into fragments, it will be laid on its design without difficulty. At the same time between the fragments leave a little distance, to prevent deformation.

Step 7:

In order to lay the insulation under the joists sound-absorbing material, which is used as a polystyrene foam or mineral wool. After skin can begin the installation finish. This may be a carpet, parquet, linoleum or tile.