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How to move the old furniture to the cottage

Following the acquisition of new furniture must be put somewhere old, but still quite decent. A way out could be to transport it to the cottage or in the garden where it will last a few more years.

How to move the old furniture to the cottage

You will need:

- newspaper; - The car.

Instruction how to move the old furniture to the cottage

Step 1:

Refer to your friends who have a truck, and ask them for help. If possible, pre-pack furniture, clean crates to loading and unloading, they do not fall out. If there is a mirror and glass doors or shelves, take them out and repack separately.

Step 2:

To carry the old furniture to the cottage, do the following. Purchase any newspaper in which the ad is placed on private freight. Call multiple numbers to find out about the cost of services. Choose the best option for you and arrange transported. Pre-pack furniture. If you carry the cabinet gently cover the special tape all doors that are in the process of loading and can break open.

Step 3:

Contact the moving company. These companies offer various types of crossings, as they say, "Turnkey". Come to the office and tell me what and where you want to move, stipulate the day and time of the move. The rest of the problems will take the company's employees. You will not need to sacrifice their weekends or take a day off at work. Employees moving company come and own disassemble and pack your dressers, chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas, etc., if necessary. Transfer is carried out only on cars equipped with special devices. Upon arrival to the country, these same people are ENTERED the house, unpack and assemble, if necessary, dismantle, and will make a suburban home furnishings. After the work done will be removed for a full garbage.