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How to nail a shelf

The shelves are widely used in any variety of the interior space. It would seem to hang a shelf is not too hard. However, as in any creative business, there are certain place its subtlety and complexity.

How to nail a shelf

You will need:

- accessories; - Tool; - Level.

Instruction how to nail a shelf

Step 1:

The easiest way is considered to entrust this work to professionals. Having the necessary experience and tools with a well chosen fittings, it will do so in the short term, and for a long time you will be satisfied with his studio work.

Step 2:

To hang a shelf on their own, choose the appropriate accessories based on the material and structure of the walls and shelves, its dimensions, its weight, and the expected load. To do this, you may need to consult a specialist, you can, for example, to get in a furniture showroom and store building materials.

Step 3:

If the wall is concrete or brick, problems with fastening shelves will not arise. This design can withstand a substantial load, for example, a rack tightly loaded with books and magazines. But the walls of porous materials (foam concrete blocks, bricks slotted) and plasterboard partitions require a more careful approach, because severity they are contraindicated. On these walls you can only hang pictures, paintings in baguette frames or shelves with CDs or decorative elements. When the load on the plasterboard wall must first strengthen its framework.

Step 4:

Prepare a carpenter's level and a pencil, which will be needed for accurate marking the wall at the holes for the brackets. If your walls are covered with wallpaper, you must first make an incision crosswise very carefully and bend them. Only then start drilling.

Step 5:

Purchase or rent for the duration of a drill with a hammer, if the wall on which you intend to mount shelves, concrete. Drilling a wall is not easy, you need to force and powerful enough punch, at least 800 watts. It is better to get a set of drills, rather than the usual drills, which often scrolled idle.

Step 6:

Do not forget the dowels and screws in the assembly, which will be attached and your regiment, given its weight and load. Plugs gain based screws length which usually is at least 50 mm for conventional shelving and 65 mm for heavier shelves.

Step 7:

Remember that any, even the most reliable anchor will not save a loose or weak wall. And not too durable sleeve simply slides out of the solid brick or concrete. Screw or anchor bolt under the influence of too much load is required to break down. In difficult situations, sometimes steel anchors are used. So try as closely as possible to pick up the necessary hardware and do not forget the ecological materials.