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How to obtain a high voltage

Increase the voltage on the network is a must. Many people use this special equipment, and skilled craftsmen carved their own. Tell me how.

How to obtain a high voltage

Instruction how to get high voltage

Step 1:

Use a voltage multiplier that converts 220V AC to DC voltage 1000V and more. Details Pick up, bearing in mind that the permissible reverse voltage of the diode must be two or more times the amplitude of the voltage of the source. Capacitors C2, C3 and C4 have the same withstand voltage. Capacitor C1 is used when the power supply voltage. Capacitor C5 pick so as to withstand 1.5 kV. Use the following diagram (see. Picture).

How to obtain a high voltage

Step 2:

The output voltage of the proposed scheme is four times the supply voltage. There is another method using a high voltage inverter. In such a scheme, used transformer-strochnik FA from the usual TV, for example, 110PTS15. Here is a diagram of the device (see. Picture).

How to obtain a high voltage

Step 3:

Assemble the generator of high-frequency oscillations of the transistor VT1. High voltage is supplied to the multiplier (VD1-VD4 diodes and capacitors C3-C7) which increases the voltage of four times. Instead strochnika can use the same transformer and the other with a high coefficient of transformation, and the two primary windings.

Step 4:

Use nF capacitors 1-33 and up to 1000 or more volts for voltage multiplier. These capacitors can be found in power supplies of old TVs or monitors.

Step 5:

Another way: use the ignition coil, which serves as a high voltage source for igniting fuel in a car engine. For this scheme needs dimmer or thyristor dimmer.