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How to open a broken lock

Even the most high-quality and expensive locks are broken. There is always the wrong time and out of place. Castle wants to open faster, but at the same time and do not damage the door and the jamb. The ways in which you can take are quite diverse, it all depends on the circumstances that could significantly complicate the situation.

How to open a broken lock

Instruction how to open broken lock

Step 1:

You can try to open the lock, it is possible that the mechanism finally work, and the door burst open. After a number of fruitless attempts can call for help a neighbor with a drill and other tools. But imagine the consequences of such an intervention! Then it may require costly repairs doors and boxes.

Step 2:

Try to unscrew the handle and disassemble the lock, took a screwdriver from a neighbor, but it can only work with older models of locks. Modern locks and hardware are made safer.

Step 3:

Contact the housing department and call the locksmith. But he may well refuse to help you, afraid of possible claims for damaged property.

Step 4:

If the apartment was a little kid, or you forgot to turn off the gas under the pan, call the emergency services. They will come quickly and you will have expert help. Clearly explain the situation to the dispatcher, list all of the circumstances of the incident.

Step 5:

Rescuers, of course, will not come if you just broke the lock, and there is no danger to life and health of citizens there. In this case, call the help desk to find a phone number of any firm which provides services to residents who find themselves in this position.

Step 6:

Most companies involved in the installation of doors, there are experts who will cope with any locks. Call and wizard are not cheap, but you get into my apartment, and the same person to advise you about your further actions for the acquisition of the new castle.

Step 7:

All locking mechanisms are different and requires an individual approach. It is possible that your castle is not broken, and it is possible to repair that will cost you less than the installation of a new product. Consider options that offer you expert.

Step 8:

If you are afraid of a repetition of the situation, have to put another, more reliable and quality after the discovery of an old castle.