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How to organize the move

The theme is familiar to almost everyone moving. Vanity, unpredictability, lack of consistency made from moving from apartment to apartment huge problem. A positive attitude and meticulous planning of the entire process to help resolve this issue with minimal losses. Clearly arrange relocation is not easy, but quite feasible. This can be done by yourself or seek the assistance of professionals.

How to organize the move

You will need:

Cardboard boxes, tape, marker, notebook, packing rope, polisterolovye balls, wrapping paper, rags for packaging, screwdriver or a screwdriver, knife of stationery.

Instruction how to organize the move

Step 1:

Decide whether you will use the services of a moving company, and if so, to what extent. Typically, the services of professionals to resort to reasonable if the presence of available funds have no time to carefully plan all the moving parts. Managers moving company will monitor all steps of the process of preparation for the move, the transportation itself, and even the finishing stage of the move, which consists in the installation of furniture and bulky goods at the new location.

Step 2:

Get rid of those things, which the transportation to the new place does not make any sense. Having defined the date of transportation, book transportation, with which you are more comfortable to move. You can download at a time and carry all the property, up to the last detail, and can move things in small pieces on their own. It depends on the size and dimensions of transported belongings, as well as the distance from the moving space. The most ambitious, of course, are considered long-distance transportation.

Step 3:

Pack the items carried. All of them, except for home appliances and furniture, convenient to carry in cardboard boxes. For ease of orientation in a huge number of boxes in a new location, consider the system of marking. There are several ways to address this issue. You can complement the box and sign them with objects, they are, for example, "Books", "paper", "utensils", "winter clothes". A box can be marked on the basis of the premises for which these things are designed, for example, "en", "Kitchen", etc. Things essentials better to add and label separately, so that the box immediately catches the eye.

Step 4:

Prepare to move the furniture. The most competent - to disassemble everything that can be disassembled. In this case the furniture occupies a smaller volume, and moreover, is not deformed. This applies to the majority of furniture and built-in and can be removed if desired. All fittings carefully removed, assembled, packed and secured to detail disassembled furniture or well marked. If the cabinets, shelves and drawers are transported complete, remove them from the speakers and take out parts - handles, shelves, etc. Boxes are usually removed or tightly sealed with adhesive tape, so do with doors. Particular attention should be paid to the glass parts of furniture.

Step 5:

Pack home appliances and electronics in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations (they are usually found in the Operating Instructions). If transports involved moving company, demonstrate its representative operating state of the art.