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How to paint an old wardrobe

If you have an old wardrobe that you are completely satisfied with its functionality and durability, but does not look too good, you can simply paint it. This will help to return the piece of furniture appeal and avoid buying a new cabinet.

How to paint an old wardrobe

You will need:

machine for grinding, a screwdriver, a putty knife, brush, roller, sandpaper, paint, primer, grease remover, washing powder, woodworking tool

Instruction how to paint an old wardrobe

Step 1:

Take out of the closet all the things and carefully remove the shelves and doors. Handles and fasteners elements should also be removed and cleaned thoroughly. If they have old paint, it should be removed with a special composition for the etching.

Step 2:

Prepare a solution of water with detergent. Clean them inside and outside the cabinet. If there is a surface of a metal, then wipe them with a degreaser. After the treatment, it is necessary to wait for the drying of all parts.

Step 3:

If lacquered cabinet, the surface should be treated with varnish remover. Then the tree is recommended to spray the protectant - fugnitsidom and insecticide.

Step 4:

Proceed to polishing wooden surfaces using the grinder. Then it is necessary to carefully putty all the cracks and chipping, otherwise they will show through the paint and ruin the whole look.

Step 5:

Coat rack primer, which should correspond to the material from which made piece of furniture. This can be a primer for wood or metal.

Step 6:

Wait until dry and start to polish the surface using fine sandpaper. Spend grinding not only outside but also inside.

Step 7:

Now the cabinet can be painted. Prepare a brush and a roller, and then open a can of paint. You can pour it in a bowl - so it will be easier to dip the tool. We must start from the inner side, farthest prokrashivaya plane and then move to the inner wall, sidewall and bottom. Use the brush.

Step 8:

Paint the outside of the cabinet with a roller. To good to paint the doors, shelves and drawers, it is necessary to put them on a level surface. You can cover the floor with plastic wrap or a table, spread out the processing elements and carefully paint them.

Step 9:

Wait for the final drying of all parts and the enclosure itself and start the assembly. Now your closet looks like new and ready to serve for many years.