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How to paint laminate

Laminate flooring - one of the most popular floor coverings. It is not too expensive material, which means that its purchase is beneficial during the repair work. Laminated panels complement any interior, because are available in different colors. If you have decided to repaint the laminate, it is necessary to remember several important rules.

How to paint laminate

Instruction how to paint laminate

Step 1:

One of the few disadvantages of the laminate is its permeability. When caring for laminate flooring do not spend a wet floor cleaning and do not use any cleaning agents. Any spills wipe dry. Given these characteristics of the laminate, remember that you can not use paint water-based. For these purposes only suitable alkyd or polyurethane paint.

Step 2:

Before applying the paint sand the surface for best adhesion and check compatibility with the paint layer of the laminate. Failure to follow these simple rules will lead to deformation of the laminate, and paint "oblezet". In this case it is necessary to change the flooring, which substantially affect the family budget.

Step 3:

Laminate last processing factory, is coated with a melamine resin. Carrying out home repairs, remember that this process can not be played back. Use of polymers that are covered by the self-leveling floors. Usually, for this purpose, varnishes, polyurethane having an epoxy base. Often applied varnish matte color, because their composition is a polyurethane basis: ® 6805 or durable epoxy varnish ESP® 6730. You can use the self-leveling epoxy composition colorless ESP® 0124F.