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How to paint parquet

Parquet, especially color - a sign of prosperity in the house. Wood can be toned oil, stain, varnish and make patterned parquet. For a child is better to choose light colors with a touch of gloss or matte. Paint can and a new parquet, and pre-prepared for such work old.

How to paint parquet

You will need:

- paint; - Roller and brushes; - Lacquer.

Instruction how to paint parquet

Step 1:

For painting of new oak parquet take latex paint your desired color, for example, Dulux Vinyl. Consumption count, referring to the table on the can of paint. Usually, it is missing one liter per 13 square meters of floor. Dries is a means of quickly - 2-4 hours.

Step 2:

Begin to paint immediately after laying parquet. If in need of painting the old surface, it is necessary first and ottsiklevat proshpaklevat. Wood parquet boards must be clean, without any layers and tools.

Step 3:

Stir paint. In hot weather, slightly dilute with water. Take a roller with a long handle, not to work bent. Funds to take a little cushion, carefully paint the board over the board, observe the direction of installation.

Step 4:

Apply two thin coats of paint. Second, apply in 2-4 hours after the first. Paint should not be a lot, through the color coating plates will be viewed, their texture, shape and size.

Step 5:

Check whether the agent has dried. If the paint has dried completely, apply a durable clear coat of water-based on it. He must protect the painted parquet from exposure to chemicals, alcohol and hot water. Lac before use Stir well. Do this carefully, but gently to avoid the formation of air bubbles.

Step 6:

Apply paint with a wide brush in two layers. It is better to soak for five days and allow the parquet to settle. Do not collocate the furniture for the new coverage and do not wash it.

Step 7:

To do toning parquet, choose a color lacquer, stain or oil. Colored varnish is convenient in that it can be replaced with another over time. Change is possible and means shade. Varnish will protect the tree, you can update and restore.

Step 8:

The oil gives your parquet "rich" look, wood protection and extend the life of the coating. This tool is safe and environmentally friendly. But oil penetrates deeply into the wood structure and are difficult to remove. If you later want to change the way of toning and protection of parquet after oil it will be almost impossible to do.

Step 9:

Stain retain and provide bright wood texture. It penetrates into the pores of the material, not clog them. But different types of wood to absorb stain unevenly, you should always remember about this. Try to remedy unnecessary tablets, and mark on them, how many layers you applied. After treatment, the parquet stain the surface must be covered with varnish for durability.