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How to paint the baseboard

If you want to update the baseboard, shopping, choose the right skirting board and replace the old with new. But just keep in mind that you can not update them just like that. Much easier sometimes just paint the baseboard, and the room will be transformed significantly. When painting baseboards you have not engaged in, just follow the instructions and you will succeed.

How to paint the baseboard

Instruction how to paint the baseboard

Step 1:

So, we need to paint the baseboard? Notice first of all their attention on the brush for painting. They should be comfortable to sit well in the hand. Then select yourself comfortable scraper. Do not hesitate to ask the sales assistant to help with the choice - the answers to customer questions and advice are an integral part of his work. Stock up as rags and old newspapers. And of course do not forget about the paint - the main attribute of painting baseboards. By the way, the brush for painting work of this nature is better to choose thin.

Step 2:

The process of painting the painting baseboards plintusovVo try to keep the brush parallel to the floor surface. With your other hand under the plinth substitute the scraper, move it with the brush during painting - so you avoid ink stains on the floor. Although as a precaution, you can also lay on the floor of newspapers.

Step 3:

If your baseboard there are all kinds of patterns, and you want to keep them for painting works to select stencil brush.

Step 4:

The paint for the best coloring should be applied in several layers. If the paint is high quality, it is enough, and the two layers. The multi-layer coating will not only give your skirting the best view, but the paint will last longer, which is important.

Step 5:

The sequence of operation is as follows: first of all color plinth, then grab the floor areas adjacent to the skirting boards (of course, if you want to re-paint and floor). On top of all repair and paint the floor itself.