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How to paint the brick

Staining bricks can be not only interesting solution decoration of your home, but also a means of rescue for him. Timely staining brick wall stops and prevents further damage by making your home stronger. The most important step in this process is the preparation of the wall.

How to paint the brick

You will need:

- bleach solution; - Scrubbing brushes; - Rollers; - Master OK; - A chisel; - Cement; - A solution based on organic acids; - Water repellent.

Instruction how to paint brick

Step 1:

Prepare the wall for painting. Clean the brick from white plaque, which is called efflorescence. This salt crystals that penetrate the wall, destroying the connecting material, creating cracks and fraying. Scratch the white coating with a stiff brush and wait 4-5 days. If plaque is manifested again, treat the wall with special solutions on the basis of organic and inorganic acids. Buy this tool can be in the hardware store.

Step 2:

If you buy means you failed, you can use improvised means. Apply solution brick 5% acetic acid or ammonia. Do not rinse with water plaque, from this it will be even more.

Step 3:

Remove from the wall of moss, mold and remnants of the old paint. To do this, use hard brushes, scrapers and knives. By removing these contaminants, do not touch the masonry joints, or may damage the cement and compromise the integrity of the wall. Those places, which has been mold, moss and lichen treated with a solution of bleach, which is a good disinfectant.

Step 4:

Check the integrity of masonry. If you find a small gap or crack, they seal the silica or acrylic putty. If the destruction of the walls of large, it needs to be fixed. Take a hammer and chisel and very carefully remove all defective cement between the bricks. Clean the slit resulting from dust and moisten with water. Prepare cement. Use the trowel pressed into solution in the gap between the bricks, completely filling it. The resulting equalized seam and remove the excess cement bricks. New joints must be dry for 3-4 days.

Step 5:

A thin, uniform layer on the wall, apply water repellent. This feature protects the wall from the environment and makes it durable. Treat a solution of the wall, starting from the eaves.

Step 6:

Once the wall is completely dry, start painting. Apply an even coat of paint the wall, which is designed for painting the exterior facades. For staining use a hard roller or spray. If necessary, apply a second coat of paint, but after drying the first.