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How to paint the foam

How easy and foam plastic material has been widely used not only in construction - it was appreciated by those who are engaged in various kinds of crafts. The natural form of white foam, and to ensure that it is fully consistent with the decor of the room, it is enough to paint. And any hack can colorize to your liking, even the baby.

How to paint the foam

Instruction how to paint foam

Step 1:

If the foam is inside the room, paint it with any water-based paints (eg latex). To do this, buy in hardware store paint the right colors and brush set.

Step 2:

Make sure the surface is free of dust. If necessary, clean it with a dry cloth.

Step 3:

Apply a coat of paint on the surface of the foam, moving the brush in one direction, that there was no divorce. Leave it for some time to paint has dried. Repeat the process, causing another coat of paint. If necessary, and can be applied to the third layer.

Step 4:

For art coloring the foam surface, you need a set of gouache paints and a set of artistic brushes. For the basics need to latex paint, which will serve as the basis for the mural.

Step 5:

Prepare the surface to spray pattern. To do this, paint the surface layer of latex paint base color and let the paint for a few hours to dry completely.

Step 6:

With a simple pencil outline of the future, apply a pattern on the surface of the foam, circling pattern, or draw by hand, if the template is not used.

Step 7:

Brush apply gouache on the surface of the foam in accordance with the printed pattern. Allow the product to dry thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Step 8:

To be applied to the foam facade paints (if the product is outside the room), put on his first protective layer of plaster, to avoid dissolution of the foam under the influence of paint.

Step 9:

Apply a thin layer of plaster on the entire surface of the product and gently spread over the entire area. Wait until the plaster dries, then proshpaklyuyte.

Step 10:

Instead of plaster can be used "liquid glass", which is applied in a thin layer on the surface of the foam. In this case putty surface is not necessary.

Step 11:

On the prepared surface, apply a facade paint brush by moving it in the same plane. After drying, repeat 2-3 times depending on the need.