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How to paint the garage

Colored Garage looks nice and aesthetically pleasing. Paint can be wood paneling, iron walls, aerocrete without finishing, and even brick. But mostly stained iron garages. To produce a smooth, high-quality paint, you need to perform a series of consecutive actions.

How to paint the garage

You will need:

- chemical paint flushing; - Rags; - Building a hairdryer; - putty knife; - Sander; - Degreaser or white spirit; - Primer; - Paint; - Spray gun; - Brush; - Roller.

Instruction how to paint a garage

Step 1:

To get an even coloration and long kept on the surface, remove completely all the old paint. This can be done by chemical, thermal or mechanical methods. For cleaning old paint chemical process is applied to the entire surface of the chemical in the form of a gel or foam. Then, the entire surface is wiped with a cloth. For the thermal method used construction hairdryer. Mechanical cleaning is to remove paint from different spatula by hand or using a grinding machine.

Step 2:

If the surface of the iron garage, then all it needs to be degreased. For this purpose, a special degreaser or White Spirit. Rusty garage should be possible to clean the rust.

Step 3:

After degreasing, a layer of primer. The primer can be any. Strongly rusty garage is better to cover the second layer of primer after drying of the first layer. Since the paint is better to consolidate and will be less likely that rust tread through it.

Step 4:

The paint should be chosen for the exterior. It should be applied after complete drying of the primer using a roller, a brush or spray gun at least two layers.

Step 5:

If you use a spray gun, the most smooth staining can be achieved by sharing the compressor. The gun should be kept at a distance of 15 centimeters. If the first attempt is insufficient tone turns intense, it means that the paint is too diluted liquid. Paint spray gun carried by three layers, with a brush or roller on the two layers. Each subsequent layer is applied after the full drying of the first.

Step 6:

If the garage is painted silverfish, spray gun can not be used because it will become clogged due to the fact that the jewel is diluted varnish, varnish and when diluted to a liquid state, the paint just will not stick to the surface.