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How to paint the window

Painting wooden window - the procedure is simple. Hold it is recommended, as appropriate, or at any time when it wanted to change the face of the window frame. Most often, frame painted in white or varnish, which allows you to keep the color and texture of natural wood.

How to paint the window

Instruction how to paint the window

Step 1:

Before you begin painting, make sure that all the flaps are working without problems. If any, you need to troubleshoot this problem - to repair or replace the hinges and fittings. Apply masking tape to the glass.

Step 2:

Treat the skin on the entire frame. Pay special attention to darkened places, areas with mold and flaking paint. Take extreme caution when working near the window. Carelessness can lead to damage such as wood and glass.

Step 3:

Clean the screen from dust, lint. Cracks and dents fill putty and sandpaper treat. As a result, should get a flat and smooth surface. Untreated plots are easily affected by the environment, which would entail irreversible formation of defects on the wood surface. Prime with a frame. For this purpose, it is recommended to use water-based primer.

Step 4:

Cover varnish or paint. If the window is installed in a room with high humidity, it is wise to use a paint made with oil-based. When choosing paint materials to be preferred coating for interior use. After complete drying, carefully inspect the surface and put a second coat of varnish or paint, if necessary.

Step 5:

Allow the frame to dry thoroughly and rinse with cool soapy water with the addition of ammonia. Carefully wipe. Inspect the glass. If they hit the paint, remove it with a scraper or solvent.