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How to paste a border

People often engage sticker wallpaper on the walls. This process can be completed sticker borders and friezes. The border is a horizontal embossed surface. If it is wide, the wall will appear below. On the issue of the border stickers must be approached very responsibly.

How to paste a border

Instruction how to stick the border

Step 1:

Pretty impressive looks unusual colorless curb, made of synthetic material. It can also be combined with the wallpaper under painting or combine with solid painted walls. Gluing a border should be up to the ceiling. Then paint over it with latex paint and wallpaper.

Step 2:

The most common border glue on the window sill level. If you want to use it in the children's room, it is best to stick it to the child's eye level. He will enjoy colorful pictures. For the child can also use another good reception: the upper part of the wall to do monotonous, and bottom to paste special thick washable wallpaper, which have shaped the region. So decorative wallpaper expensive, but they can not glue around the perimeter. Often their only glue on the exposed parts of the walls, that is, where there is no furniture is located

Step 3:

gluing technology is fairly simple. Across the room at a certain height it is necessary to beat off a horizontal line. Then you need to stick the upper part of the wallpaper, the lower edge of which is cut off by the applied line with a sharp knife. You can also use a metal ruler. Border need to pre-soak the glue. Then it is applied to a butt edge wallpaper. The bottom edge should not be pressed against the wall. Panels Wallpaper bottom row you must have a border and trim along the bottom edge. The strip can be removed. Then make the final sticking to the wall of the border.

Step 4:

Stick paper curb on paper wallpaper is pretty simple. However, the result is usually obtained worse. In this situation, it is best to use the technology as described above. Regularly people are faced with the problem of sticking to the surface curb vinyl wallpaper. Even specialized adhesives fillets can not cope with this task. After some time I fall off a curb. To wallpaper with decorative element serve you for many years, you need to stick curb tape directly on the surface of the wall.