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How to paste paper wallpaper

Paper wallpaper are still popular due to the variety of colors, environmentally friendly and affordable. To paste over the room they need to know the sequence and some of the features of this process.

How to paste paper wallpaper

You will need:

- measuring tape or meter range; - Triangle; - Pencil; - A plumb; - a piece of chalk; - A pair of scissors; - A sponge; - stationery knife; - Paint brush (CEILING) or roller; - Clean and dry the fabric (cloth); - Wallpaper paste; - Wallpaper.

Instruction how to paste paper wallpaper

Step 1:

First of all, measure the height of a meter or tape walls that are going to hang wallpaper, from the eaves to the plinth.

Step 2:

Cut the side edges on a roll of wallpaper on precisely marked lines. Dense wallpaper glued back to back, so the cut edge on both sides. If the wallpaper is thin and will have to glue them overlap, cut the only party which will cover the seam, ie, glued on the uncut edge of the previous sheet.

Step 3:

Cut the roll of wallpaper on a panel length equal to the height of the wall with a margin of 10 cm (if the wallpaper with a small figure), pre otchertiv cut line with a triangle. If the wallpaper caused a major figure, cut them, given its combination of each panel. The waste in this case will be higher (approximately 25cm).

Step 4:

Apply a vertical line on the wall, departing from the angle at a distance of the width of the cloth + 10-15cm. Line repel in several places the wall, using a plumb line attached to, grated chalk cord. This is done in order to stick to the cloth wallpaper strictly vertically without distorting the image.

Step 5:

Spread wallpaper paste, pre-prepared, according to the instructions on the package, one cloth wallpaper. Make sure that no gaps remained and thoroughly lubricate the edge. Fold the cloth in half, combining upper and lower sections, and leave it for a while. If thin wallpaper, then set them aside for the time while you smear glue on the section of the wall. Thick wallpaper leave for a longer time, so that they are well soaked.

Step 6:

Apply glue to the wall (the width of a little more than one cloth). Use a special brush (ceiling brushes) or roller.

Step 7:

It is more convenient to paste the wallpaper together, if not assistants, proceed as follows. Take smeared cloth with both hands and move to the wall. Loosen the top edge, gently separating panel folded in half, and align it with the edge of the eaves or the top line spacing marked on the wall beforehand. Align the side of the first scribed with a vertical line, not forgetting the alignment pattern.

Step 8:

Align and gluing the cloth top, take a large brush or a clean cloth and straighten him from the middle to the edges, so that it is well stuck on the entire surface. Speaking on the sides of the adhesive, immediately remove with a damp sponge.

Step 9:

Next wallpaper stick thin sheet with an overlap edge to the window so that the upper edge of wallpaper lying exactly along a broken line earlier, and trimmed side overlaps the remaining edge of the first panel. Thick stick wallpaper, combining on each side of the butt.

Step 10:

In the corner of the room, the last cut cloth wallpaper along so that it overlaps the corner at 3-4 cm. Part of the cloth, covering angle notch in several places, to avoid the appearance of wrinkles on the wallpaper. Next flag stick from the corner, combining the top line and the vertical picks.

Step 11:

Paste over all the room and wait for the complete drying of wallpaper, trim excess from the bottom sharp knife stationery.