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How to pay less for water

Utility bills are growing with incredible speed, do not know how and when it will end. What can we do to save a little bit? There is an exit. The largest amount of money spent on water supply costs. But by installing water meters, you can pay less for water.

How to pay less for water

You will need:

- Counters for cold and hot water; - Statement to the municipal service for the installation of meters; - Agreement on payment procedure for water consumption by indications room counters; - Copies of certificates for registration of water consumption of appliances; - The act of counters in operation.

Instruction how to pay less for water

Step 1:

The proper way to save on payment for water - put counters. If the apartment is no meters are installed, then you pay an average of 53 cubic meters of water per month for 1 person prescribed. It is about 2 cube per day. At first glance, not so much. And if you count, it turns out that on the day you spend 6 full baths or tanks 250 merge. Now you can see how much less you will pay if the counters will be delivered. The first step to installing the meter has already been made - the decision is made. Now buy counters for hot and cold water separately.

Step 2:

Write an application to the municipal service of the application for the installation of residential water meters. It should also clarify whether in your home podomovye counters installed. If you are having difficulty in writing the application, ask for help from a staff member who is responsible for water supply. On the basis of this statement will be drawn up a contract between the municipal organization and the customer to determine the order of payment for water under indications of room counters.

Step 3:

Before you install the counters, refer to the municipal company to ensure that they have established or repaired, and replaced the old valves, shut-off the water supply when necessary to the apartment.

Step 4:

Under no circumstances should not be engaged in the installation of meters on their own, find a licensed company to install metering devices.

Step 5:

To conclude an agreement on the procedure of payment for water consumption by indications room counters with the utility company.

Step 6:

Give a copy of the contract in the Uniform Information Clearing Center (EIRTS). In addition, bring a copy of the passport on account of water consumption devices and the act of putting them into operation. Here, you will put on record and report the readings of counters transfer order.

Step 7:

Get a special book in which he will write data to remove water meters readings. Now you can pay less for water, as will be paying only for the amount used, and not according to the standards.