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How to peel paint

The coating layers on painted surfaces often grow slowly, so they should be removed. If you apply another layer of paint on top of the old one, it is possible to peel the coating and, consequently, it is a waste of your time. Before staining, remove the old paint, good, it can be a convenient way for you.

How to peel paint

You will need:

- a hammer; - putty knife; - Mortar; - Remover for paint; - Building a hairdryer; - Sander; - Bleacher; - Steel brush.

Instruction how to peel the paint

Step 1:

If the surface after paint stripper can be plastered, with a hammer. Prostuchite entire colored area, and then gently scrape coating. However, the paint will be separated with plaster. Prime the wall and align it with a mixture of any construction, which is designed precisely for this purpose. Then apply a coat of fresh pavement.

Step 2:

On wooden and plastic products option can not be used with a hammer. But out there, get in the store paint stripper. It is sold in various forms, such as liquid, water-soluble powder or jelly-like consistency. Names in different funds, so not to look in the windows, refer to the sales assistant. using the methods described in the accompanying instructions, do not forget to study it. After application the paint erodes and becomes gel-like, which can be washed in petroleum (mineral) or water - depending on the type of agent used.

Step 3:

If you do not hurry up, then remove the paint with a spatula. The time it will take a lot, but the product will not be damaged. Important, remove carefully and slowly. When the paint is safely removed, align the surface with emery cloth. Apply a coat of primer and paint in whichever color.

Step 4:

To remove the paint can be used a grinding machine. But beware, only the surface layers, try to shoot, otherwise there will be uneven, as the device is powerful enough and easy to make indentations in the wood, iron and plastic. Do not operate it at full capacity.

Step 5:

If you or someone you know has a hair dryer building or Melt, use a miracle device. Due to the hot air flow separates from the surface of the paint, and it remains only to remove the iron spatula or brush.

Step 6:

If desired, the wood surface can not re-paint and apply varnish. Only if the tree has turned yellow and dark, his pre-bleach bleach or other bleach and rub rail brush. Thereafter, the product is ready for spray coating.