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How to peel the paint off the walls

During the repair, before making finish colored latex or oil paint the walls, make sure the paint must be removed. If we ignore this, then perform quality repairs will be simply impossible.

How to peel the paint off the walls

You will need:

- gloves; - Respirator; - Robe; - Bucket; - Spray gun; - Water; - stairs; - Masking tape; - Scraper; - Polyethylene.

Instruction how to peel the paint off the walls

Step 1:

Wear overalls, gloves and a respirator.

Step 2:

Prepare the room for repair: take out the furniture, cover the floor and left the room polyethylene items. Close the door to minimize the penetration of dust into the next room.

Step 3:

Spray water on the wall, using a spray bottle. Leave a short while, allowing the wall to absorb water.

Step 4:

Make a scratch on the wall. Thus substitute bucket so that paint chips and dust fall into the bucket, and not on the floor.

Step 5:

Take a good walk on the soaked wall scraper: so you will be able to remove all the paint.

Step 6:

Make sure that the wall is completely free of paint. Fold neatly spread out around the room polyethylene.