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How to plan the bathroom

The interior of a bathroom should be stylish, modern and functional. Here you will not only wash, but also invigorate your body and spirit, so it is very important to correctly approach the layout of the bathroom.

How to plan the bathroom

You will need:

- paper; - Pencil; - Eraser.

Instruction how to plan the bathroom

Step 1:

First you need to decide what exactly you want from the bathroom, that is what the functional properties of your bathroom will have. Will it be used for laundry, storage, laundry and washing agents, make-up, etc.

Step 2:

Evaluate your existing space. If bathroom you have a small, narrow and long, has bevels, it makes sense to do it at least visually voluminous, and use space more efficiently. For example, instead of a bath set shower, and make a wall mirror.

Step 3:

If the bathroom is large, the problems with its layout will be much less. You can put huge and bath-tub for the whole family, and a washing machine and sink with cabinet for various small things, put the dresser, hang a variety of hooks and hangers. It is best to draw a plan on paper. If you know how you can take advantage of a specialized computer program.

Step 4:

The large bathroom can not only arrange a lot of furniture, but also to find interesting lighting and colors. Light can be beat as the ceiling and walls, making the built-in shelves with lighting and even furniture. Choose colors for the bathroom, soft and warm. If you use a bright green or red, then it is best to set off the same color with a hint of milk. Good play on the contrasts - a combination of black and white, white and red, orange and red. Elegantly and will strictly look bathroom in black and white with gray tones.

Step 5:

Think not only about how and what furniture you will put in the bathroom, as well as plan the layout of shelves and hangers for towels, brushes and shampoos.

Step 6:

Pick up the bath accessories in the tone of your bathroom. It will emphasize the completeness of its planning.