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How to plant a pear

Pear - a low fruit tree, which blooms profusely in spring and autumn crop yields of sweet and healthy fruits. Some cold-resistant varieties of this plant can be grown in the cottages of central Russia.

How to plant a pear

You will need:

- seedling pears; - A shovel; - Manure or plant humus; - "Agricola for fruit crops"; - Potassium sulfate; - Superphosphate; - River sand; - Hydrated lime or dolomite flour; - "Corner"; - Count.

Instruction how to plant pear

Step 1:

Click on the site is sunny, well-ventilated place. It is undesirable to plant pear tree on the bank of a pond or stream, as this plant does not like the excess moisture.

Step 2:

Dig a pit depth of 1-1.2 m and a diameter of 80 cm. The root system pears after planting will actively grow in breadth and depth. The pit reload 3-5 buckets of manure or vegetable compost.

Step 3:

Prepare a mixture of mineral fertilizers. Mix 2 tablespoons of "Agricola for berries", 4 tablespoons of potassium sulfate, 1 cup of superphosphate and 2 buckets of coarse river sand. The resulting mixture was stirred with excavated soil and pour into a pit without tamping.

Step 4:

Dilute to 10 liters of water, 3 cups pushonki lime or dolomite flour. Pour the resulting solution into a hole and add another 2 buckets of water. Leave a hole under the seedling for 6-7 days. This must be done in order to completely dissolve minerals. The root system of a pear tree can get burns on contact with concentrated fertilizer or fresh manure.

Step 5:

Get in the nursery or garden seedling pear market, you require varieties. This should be done in the spring or in the fall just before landing.

Step 6:

Water the hole before planting seedlings pear solution stimulator "Corner." Solution 3 is prepared from 3 tablets or capsules of the drug to be dissolved in 10 liters of water.

Step 7:

Beat in the hole number, placing it at a distance of 25-30 cm from the wall. Number must rise above the soil surface by about 50 cm. It is needed in order to serve as a support flanked by an immature sapling.

Step 8:

Take seedling and put it into the hole so that the root collar was located at 5-6 cm above the soil surface. Gently straighten the roots of trees and cover them with earth. When planting a sapling should be shaken several times to left unfilled soil voids between the roots.

Step 9:

Pritopchite slightly kicking the ground, acting very cautiously, and pour the tree. Do not forget to tie the trunk to the peg driven into.