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How to plant a salad

Eating salad leaves - it's not just a way to get a good fun, but the opportunity to enrich the body with plenty of vitamins. Lettuce can be grown on beds in summer and in winter on the windowsill right in your home!

How to plant a salad

Instruction how to plant lettuce

Step 1:

Select the container in which you sow lettuce. Prefer individual pots small diameter to a subsequent swordplay is not to injure the root system of lettuce. If you chose an oblong container, then when plated calculate the distance between the seedlings of at least 10 centimeters.

Step 2:

Prepare the soil for planting. For the salad is well suited light nutrient substrate. Never plant new seeds in the soil in which previously grew zucchini or similar lettuce. Prepare a mixture of humus and organic fertilizers, while in the salad shortly sure to please you with lush greenery.

Step 3:

Of the variety represented in the seed market, you select the most suitable varieties. Choose not cold-resistant types of lettuce, or instead of fluffy blossoms you will have elongated weak stems and pale leaves. The most precocious vegetable crop is watercress, it can grow with little or no sun.

Step 4:

Sow the seeds of lettuce or an individual pot or in a multi-seat container. In the latter case, sow the seeds of longitudinal rows, spaced at a distance of not less than 3-5 centimeters. Spread the seeds on the soil surface and gently sprinkle a thin layer of substrate.

Step 5:

Prepare the most suitable conditions for the germination of seeds. The temperature in the room is kept at 20 degrees Celsius. Note that when the temperature rises salad is pulled high and not give lush greenery. Provide good lighting all varieties of lettuce, except watercress, which is well tolerated and the northern side with a small amount of sunlight. When topsoil drying watering your plants with warm water.

Step 6:

Feed the seedlings of your nitrogen fertilizer or ammonium nitrate when they will have the first two leaves. Dissolve minerals with warm water and pour seedlings.

Step 7:

Gather your long-awaited harvest after 20-25 days after sowing. Watercress is a precocious culture, and its leaves can be harvested already on day 12 after the first shoots.