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How to plant aloe

Aloe - is a perennial plant belonging to the lily family. His birthplace is South Africa, where it grows everywhere, but in the cold Russian climate is grown exclusively in pots on the windowsill. In good conditions, the cultivation of up to four meters.

How to plant aloe

You will need:

- sand; - Soil mix for flowers; - Liquid complex fertilizer for flowers; - Wood ash; - Volume flower pots; - A sharp knife for cutting cuttings.

Instruction how to plant aloe

Step 1:

In their homeland aloe blossoms orange bell-shaped flowers and the fruit form cylinders with boxes, but at home to achieve the flowering plants is almost impossible. Aloe is a medicinal plant widely used in the recipes of traditional medicine. In industrial cultivation going lower and middle leaves 18 cm in length. The raw materials used in the pharmaceutical industry and in the perfume industry.

Step 2:

Breeding aloe is a snap. For breeding can be used parent shoots, popularly called "kids", as well as apical or stem material. Breeding seeds used only if there is no place to take the mother shoots or cuttings.

Step 3:

Before planting, prepare the soil of any material. For rooting, use wet sand with a little soil mix. Since the optimal survival occurs in sand.

Step 4:

Planting cuttings and cut the tops with a sharp knife. The length should be at least 5-10 cm. Before transplanting treat planting wood ash and drain for a day in a dark, cool place.

Step 5:

Planted at a depth of 2 cm. The sand is kept wet until a stable root system. This is shown by the fact that the cuttings are planted intensively turn green and will go to growth.

Step 6:

Transplant the rooted plants surround the pot with potting soil for flowers. Care is watering and feeding liquid complex fertilizers, sold specifically for flowering plants.

Step 7:

Breeding aloe using parent processes used most often. Separate the process of the root system and the plant directly to a permanent place in the pot, into the prepared soil mixture.

Step 8:

Breeding seeds are very rarely used in the conditions of Russia, because, as mentioned above, aloe in cold climates does not bloom, but again does not bloom, then and does not form seeds. Therefore, the seeds can be purchased in the store for gardeners.

Step 9:

For planting the seeds, use potting soil mixed with sand in equal parts. Seeds are sown at a distance of 2 cm and a depth of 1.5 cm. The soil is kept wet. Repot seedlings in a pot, when they reach a length of 5-8 cm.

Step 10:

Aloe likes to grow in poorly lit area, wet room with a temperature of 16-18 degrees. If the plant is often and abundantly watered, it may be ill with dropsy, which will lead to death. Therefore, watering produce moderate, not more than 1-2 times a week.