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How to plant blueberries

Gardening blueberries - a new culture in the garden. From the first attempts of cultivation of this crop in gardens, it has become one of the most beloved berries.

How to plant blueberries

Instruction how to plant blueberries

Step 1:

Forest berry blueberries perfectly fit on subsistence farming plantations. This berry is loved for its sweet taste and the ability to some extent to improve vision, normalize digestion. For women blueberries important as a product with one of the valuable qualities - it slows down the aging process. In addition berries blueberries - a hypoallergenic product. In the wild blueberries inhabits wetlands of the tundra, Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. If we consider the place of growth and composition of the soil, you can safely grow blueberries on your plot.

Step 2:

For the cultivation of blueberries choose a sunny site. This berry forest dweller and more comfortable will feel protected from drafts in the areas. The root system is fibrous and blueberries at the ends of the smallest roots settled fungus - mycorrhiza. For the normal life of the fungus requires high humidity and soil with acid reaction. Achieving this balance can be achieved by making peat or brought from the forest top "cushion" of fir flooring fallen needles. Correct the situation if you have a neutral soil, sawdust may be, they also acidified reaction. Before planting, and planted blueberries usually in the spring, for 2 days preparing deep pits, depending on the planting material, but keep in mind the root collar should be recessed by 5-8 centimeters. Planting hole is filled with peat, pine sawdust, fallen leaves and bark. To counter the stress to add phosphate fertilizers (matchbox in the hole). When planting the roots evenly straighten blueberry, excluding creases. Fall asleep prepared acidified substrate. Trampled the soil around the blueberries do well and thoroughly shed warm acidulated water. Mulching planting sawdust, chopped straw, leaves, fir needles, 8-10 cm thick and 50-60 cm radius

Step 3:

In the first period after planting is necessary to weed and water. Watering twice a week. Fertilizing is carried out only with mineral fertilizers, organic and not fed. What is fertilizer is not enough bushes can be identified by their appearance. The slow increase in mass and a yellowish color of the leaf plates indicates nitrogen deficiency. The reddish color of the sheet - lack of phosphorus. On the lack of potassium show dead tops of young stems and leaf margins. Red leaf edge say that it is necessary to make magnesium, and the deformation of sheet plates reminiscent of the introduction of potassium. Pruning is carried out in the second year of life. Cut off any damaged branches and podmerzshie. Zero stem shortened by half, prompting lateral fruiting shoots, which formed the next harvest. In the bush should be formed of 8-9 fruiting shoots, and additional replacement shoots. Later gradually cut out the branches over 5 years, but they are replaced by replacement of the stems. To take refuge in the winter is not required, except in winters with little snow spruce branches throw.