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How to plant chufu (groundnuts)

It turns out that the world is still a lot of unknown. For example, someone heard about chufu or nutsedge? This plant in the last century cultivated many acres and valued for the taste, nutritional value and high content of vitamins

How to plant chufu (groundnuts) Grow chufu surprisingly simple. As one experienced gardener: "I planted and forgotten". In normal summer no watering, no loosening or weeding the crop requires. The difficulty is only in cleaning, because on the fibrous roots grow large amounts of nuts, which will have to collect manually. Chufa - is a perennial plant of the family Cyperaceae, but in the middle lane is grown as an annual. She is known in many countries: Egypt, Sudan and many other Arab countries chufu called sweet root, and in North Africa they call Zulu nut. Gardeners in Germany referred to its earthen almonds, and in Portugal and Brazil just tuber grass. Farmers in North America called Reed nut, while in Russia called nutsedge ordinary vacationers. Chufoy this plant became known as the Spanish, the name stuck and in Russia. Chufa absolutely undemanding to growing conditions, but not like a shadow. Propagated plant nodules. They need to be pre-soaked in water for three days and then planted. The middle lane is usually the middle or end of May when the soil has warmed. Nodules are placed in small wells, each for 2-3 pieces at a depth of 4-6 cm distance between plants - 50 cm., If there is a need to plant in rows -. The distance between rows 70 cm During chufu growth once spud (when the plant reaches height 15-20 cm), and in a drought watering. The plant will withstand light frosts to -7oS. Stow chufu in late September or early October. The plant is dug fork, then obbirayut with roots well washed in running water or more a bowl, and then dried under a canopy before the first "wrinkles". When Chufa still small, it is easily confused with weeds, so that you can weed for error. To this did not happen, well, the plant is better mark. Some gardeners cut a plastic bottle, stick it in the ground, to know exactly what is growing Chufa, not a weed. Germination Cyperus nodules retain a few years, so growers harvested their seeds. They do not like chufu weeds - as a rule, it is growing in splendid isolation, therefore weeding problems, too, will not. In cooking nutsedge used very widely - both Powder for any food in a powder as additive to baking as tincture of alcohol or vodka, or just as nuts. Before you do something with chufoy, it should be a day soaked in water and then fry. Fresh Chufa slightly sweet taste, and is very reminiscent of roasted almonds.