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How to Plant rosehips

Rosehip - a very useful plant, the fruit which contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, and carotene. rosehip berries are widely used to treat a number of diseases. Healing properties also have leaves, roots and seeds. How this miracle plant shrub on the site?

How to Plant rosehips

Instruction how to plant rosehip

Step 1:

It is advisable to plant wild rose bushes in the well-lit area and fertile, drained soil (preferably forest soils and black earth). To prevent death and severe oppression of plants, in any case do not put the bushes in areas with groundwater. If the soil is waterlogged or lowland, rose will not grow and die.

Step 2:

It is recommended to plant wild rose in the spring, when nature starts to wake up. You can do this, and in the autumn, before the onset of frost. Prepare the site to dig the ground to a depth of at least 10-15 centimeters. Dig well (depends on the number of landings) at a distance of 1.5-2 m from each other, two feet deep and about 60 centimeters in diameter.

Step 3:

Thoroughly mix the soil top vegetable layer with ten kilograms of organic fertilizer, it may be humus or compost. In the same mixture, add mineral fertilizers - 50 grams of potassium sulfate and 250 grams of superphosphate.

Step 4:

Once the soil mixture is ready, season it well and prepare the seedlings for planting. To do this, cut short aerial parts of seedlings, leave only small stumps (10-12 centimeters) of the thickest branches to two or three buds. Roots lower in pre-prepared clay mash with the addition of wood ash. Then place the seedlings in a hole and gently straighten the roots, sprinkle the ground and tamped. The root collar should be five centimeters below the soil surface.

Step 5:

After planting abundantly pour shrub mulch and humus manure pit or sawdust. All care of rosehip is periodic loosening the soil and pruning the old and weak shoots. It is necessary to properly form the bush, which shall consist of twenty branches of different ages. The branches, which for seven years or more, you can safely cut, as their productivity is significantly reduced.