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How to plow plow

Any holder suburban area known how hard is to treat the soil. To facilitate the work of such a device is used as a motor-plow. With it you can plow the soil, as well as perform many other activities.

How to plow plow

Instruction how to plow plow

Step 1:

Remove the body of the plow transport wheels, and then install it on lugs. If the kit includes additional loads, wear them too. Prepare two pieces of wood about 120 mm high. Replace them plow.

Step 2:

Adjust special bolt supporting base of the plow. Make sure it is parallel to the ground. With the lock bolt locknuts. To do this it is necessary that during plowing not loosen the screw, and broke adjustment.

Step 3:

Set in the center of the adjusting screw wheel mechanical plow. For plowing this position will be the most convenient. Define visual axis of the central section, which is designed for plowing. At the beginning of the axis put the plow. Cut the groove, trying to line it was flat.

Step 4:

Expand the plow on the edge of the area, setting it so that the right wheel was finished in front of the furrow. Keep the plow on its edge, avoiding deviations aside. This method of plowing is called "in the stall." This allows you to accurately and thoroughly plowed land, as cast by plow the land will form straight furrows and ridges. Also in this method can achieve optimum plowing depth of plowing, and to reduce the load on the engine.

Step 5:

Try to keep the plow straight, not leaning on him and putting pressure on the steering wheel. Manage it so that was a walk-behind tractor to plow a slight slope (approximately 10 degrees). So you can save fuel and ease the work of the unit. Be especially careful not to overheat the car was the engine. If there is a loss of power, and you notice any malfunction of the device, switch off the engine, then leave to cool for 30-40 minutes. After this period, continue with the excavation.