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How to polish bath

Increasingly popular today are acrylic baths - they are easier to install, easier to cast iron or steel, are available in a huge range of different shapes and sizes. There are drawbacks, chief among them - the fragility from falling into a heavy object a bath can form a crack, then a bath can not be repaired. However, for acrylic bathroom easy to look after, to remove minor injuries, self-polishing.

How to polish bath

You will need:

- detergent; - Polishing wax; - Silver polishing, tooth paste; - Vinegar or lemon juice; - Spray on chrome-plated surfaces; - Fine sandpaper, abrasive polishes; - Sponge cloth of a soft cloth, sponge.

Instruction how to refinish a bath

Step 1:

Clean and polish the acrylic bath: Clean with a sponge soaked in water with a little detergent. Do not use detergent containing abrasive components, alcohol, formic acid (formaldehyde) or ammonia. The use of such detergents or detergent and cleaning baths without water surface leads to tarnishing.

Step 2:

Apply the cleanser evenly over the entire surface, leave the bath in this state for 5-10 minutes, then wipe with a sponge and rinse with water. Repeat the procedure if heavily soiled.

Step 3:

Apply wax polish on the surface of the bath and gently rub with a cloth of soft tissue.

Step 4:

Remove stubborn stains using a liquid detergent, silver polish or toothpaste: Apply them in a cloth of a soft cloth and rub the stain.

Step 5:

Remove encrustations from the bath surface by lemon juice or vinegar. Dampen a cloth of soft tissue in hot vinegar or lemon juice and rub the stain.

Step 6:

Spray the spray on chrome-plated surfaces directly on the chrome bath items, rinse with strong stream of water (in the case of severe pollution means leave on the surface for 5 minutes), wipe dry sponge.

Step 7:

Polish the acrylic hot tub, Fill it with warm water, dissolve in water, liquid detergent, run the hot setting for five minutes. Turn off the system and leave the hot water bath for 10 minutes, then drain the water.

Step 8:

Fill the water hot tub again and turn on the whirlpool for 5 minutes, then drain the water, follow the cleaning and polishing like a conventional bath of acrylic.

Step 9:

Remove small scratches from acrylic surface of the bath: wash bath, gently rub the scratch with fine sandpaper, then polish abrasive, the last to apply and rub the wax polish.