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How to post photos on the walls

In recent years, photography became affordable and mass enthusiasm. Almost everyone has a digital camera, and many go further - visit photographers courses, buy good equipment and all means improve their skills. Naturally, the best photos I want to show all familiar. But for this they need to be successful and still fit into the interior.

How to post photos on the walls

You will need:

- frame - mat - shell - dried flowers - small stones - acrylic paint - Magazines - wrapping paper - rope - clothespins.

Instruction how to put pictures on the walls

Step 1:

The strongest emphasis on the photos done in the event that she was alone. Take the most expensive to you a picture and hang it on the wall. It is important that the wall was the most uncluttered, not on it hung shelves, clocks and other home furnishings. Also for single photos can choose ornate drop-out frame in the eye, which is not desirable to do if you decide to hang a few pictures.

Step 2:

If you have returned from a trip and are going for a long time to reminisce about her Collect a few pictures, which you brought from a trip, and they decorate the wall. To obtain photos buy in the store empty wooden frame and convert them. It is best if you will use the shells, dried flowers and beautiful stones brought from a trip you. You can also paint the frame with acrylic paints. For example, if you want to hang a picture with the image of the sea, the frame can be painted in a blue color, to draw her waves and fish.

Step 3:

If you decide to hang the baby pictures, fit bright frame and mat. You can make them yourself from old magazines or colorful wrapping paper.

Step 4:

If you are not sorry to give the wall a picture, print a stack of photos of the same size, and then, like tiles, "will be coated with" their entire wall. Such a composition is better to arrange in the hallway or living room.

Step 5:

From the pictures, you can not just make a successful addition of the interior, but also to give them a bright accent. Pick frames in tone curtains, or, alternatively, choose a color that will sharply contrast with the color of wallpaper on the wall of the room where you decide to place the photos. Your guests in any case will not bypass their attention this composition.

Step 6:

Pull the rope along the wall and attach the photos using special colored "pegs". Plus this post photos that you can change the pictures almost every day.