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How to prepare your garden for winter trees

Despite the fact that the spring is considered among the most ardent gardeners, preparation of fruit trees for the winter - it is no less time-consuming work. In the zone of risky agriculture leave the garden without training equivalent to that cut down all fruit-bearing trees and destroy the young seedlings. Preparatory work should start immediately after harvest.

How to prepare your garden for winter trees

You will need:

- rake; - inkstone; - Lime; - Red clay; - A special blend for whitewash; - Net for binding; - Roofing; - Twine.

Instruction how to prepare the garden for winter trees

Step 1:

First of all, look at the bark of trunks where the winter moth caterpillars climb, sawyers and moth. Collect all the pests by hand and burn along with the foliage, which is also necessary to remove a rake.

Step 2:

Carefully dig the soil around the trees. Sprinkle wood ash tree trunks. This will be fed with moisture in the spring garden trees and roots will be more protected from pests.

Step 3:

Over the ash pour a thick layer of mulch of hardwood sawdust or compost mixed with sand. Do not use as mulch fallen leaves. They can be a source of disease. But other than that, in the fallen leaves often hidden pests, and your goal is their complete destruction.

Step 4:

Sprinkle skeletal branches and trunks with a solution of iron sulphate. So you will be able to destroy the remaining pests and protect the trees from the appearance of new ones that before the frost will still have time to get under the bark of trunks. Besides iron sulphate solution helps prevent diseases of fruit trees.

Step 5:

Young fit tie with twine. If the winter will be snowy with frosts and thaws, ice crust bummer young seedlings. If you visit in the winter garden, work on prigibaniyu binding and seedlings can be skipped. You have to just shake off the snow regularly to prevent the formation of ice during the thaw.

Step 6:

All the trunks and bases of trees carefully blanch. Young planting blanch whole. This will help prevent sunburn in March. Spring whitewash brings virtually no benefit and is held only for decorative purposes. To whitewash kept long, dissolve in 10 liters of water 3 kg of lime and 2 kg of red clay. Or buy a special whitewash in store for gardeners. It has an adhesive base and is firmly on the trunks.

Step 7:

Around the young plantings arrange snegozaderzhivayuschie shields. However, if the winter will be very snowy, the additional snow retention can damage the branches of trees. Therefore watch carefully during the winter due to snow levels and clean excess of snow if necessary.

Step 8:

Protect the garden trees from rodents. To do this, tie the trunk of a special net. In a pinch, you can use a roofing material, which in the spring will have to remove immediately to the bark of trees is not rotten.